The Film


Stephens and Sprinkle, two ecosexuals in love, raise performance art hell in West Virginia to help save the region from mountaintop removal destruction. This film, chronicles their love, activism, and struggle to save their family home, climaxing with their wedding to the Appalachian Mountains.



A Film by Beth Stephens with Annie Sprinkle

Fecund Arts   presents “Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story”
Executive Producer 
Beth Stephens Producers  Xandra Coe, Annie Sprinkle and Jordan Freeman
Associate Producer 
Paul Corbit Brown
Edited by  
Keith Wilson  Cinematography by  Jordan Freeman
production manager   Julia Reardin  animation   Hannah Matzner
Larry Gibson   ★  Patricia Spangler   ★  Paul Corbit Brown   ★  Catherine Moore   ★  Grumble  ★  Vivian Stockman 
and other special guests

 Music by  David B. Steinberg   ★  Joan Jeanrenaud   ★  Hazel Dickens   ★   Tony’s Circus

In Memory of Larry Gibson, Keeper of the Mountains

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“This is, without compare, the sexiest nature documentary and one of the most profound films to deal with the beauty and tragedy of the Appalachian Mountains in the age of King Coal.”—Russ McSpadden, Earth First! Journal

 ”Heartfelt, haunting and downright provocative,  ”Goodbye Gauley Mountain” is the most captivating environmental documentary of the year.”—Greg Archer, Huffington Post

Goodbye Gauley Mountain is a work of art that will work its magic for years to come.”—The Harrison Studio

“Goodbye Gauley Mountain is deep, full of feeling, effective, beautifully made and powerful! Especially dear to my heart are all the fine ecosexual West Virginia dogs. The message of this film belongs in every adult and child’s heart, soul, mind and body. This compost is hot!”—Donna Haraway, Professor Emeritus UCSC and Author of When Species Meet