Press Quotes

“Heartfelt, haunting and downright provocative, ”Goodbye Gauley Mountain” is one of the most captivating environmental documentaries of the year.”  —Greg Archer, Huffington Post

“This is, without compare, the sexiest nature documentary and one of the most profound films to deal with the beauty and tragedy of the Appalachian Mountains in the age of King Coal.” —Russ McSpadden, Earth First! Journal

“I was expecting to see a boring, hippie, lesbian, environmentalist film but Goodbye Gauley Mountain: an Ecosexual Love Story is unlike any film I’ve ever seen before.   It’s fun, it’s dirty and after watching this film, you’ll never think of tree hugging or where your electricity comes from in quite the same way.”—Travis Mathews, Interior.LeatherBar

The film por cierto is fantastic!!!!! Politically very sharp and very well made. –Guillermo Gomez Pena

“Beth Stephens’ new documentary (with Annie Sprinkle), Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story, investigates the gorgeous and tortured relationship humanity has with the earth.  Stephens’ film invites us to consider a radical environmentalism, acknowledging and nurturing a “Lover Earth” rather than “Mother Earth” (we all sometimes neglect our mothers).  Stephens and Sprinkle, create a model of personal and global love during a visit to Stephens’ home in the aggressively mined Appalachian mountains of West Virginia.  The film succeeds like other “sex” films by offering insights into new love-making and -sharing techniques, positions, and methods. It is a call to a most radical and necessary love.  As Beth asks in the film, “What is the importance of gay marriage if there is no water left to drink.?”  Let the juices flow!” –Lake Perriguey,  Law Works, LLC