Screen, Purchase or Donate

NETFLIX is distributing Goodbye Gauley Mountain!!! Just click here to watch. We are thrilled

Kino Lorber is distributing our film! Please see their site for purchase and screening options. They also offer ways to book theatrical screenings as well. Check out for more information. Thank you!!

We hope that this film will be screened widely in order to keep the conversation about the specific devastation of mountain top removal and mining and more generally the harm caused by extractive industries alive.  In honor of the 2014 spill of coal mining chemicals into the Elk River an environmental emergency was declared in Charleston, WV. This emergency is an ongoing one.  Annie and I both hope that Goodbye Gauley Mountain will educate people to the dangers of polluting water as well as inspire people to engage in new ways to love and protect the Earth. We are beginning a new film about water this summer. Stay tuned.

Beth and Annie are available to come visit to screen the film and offer lectures, talks and discussions on a variety of subjects related to ecosex and environmentalism. For more info write Beth at